How it all started

How it all started

I started this “gig” back in 2017 when on the hunt for a decent pair of black leggings... I swore from the start I would become the “go to” for local ladies in need of a good pair of standard black leggings... I went from Legging Army to Legging Girl and Lala Leggings as an affiliate, confusing the crap out of my customers and myself haha... I listened to my customers and the more I learned about this industry the more I gravitated to now to just selling “custom yoga band” leggings- these were hitting a home run with regard to sizing, feel as well as print quality so now that’s my main focus and passion... offering cute, comfortable clothing that makes ladies feel and look beautiful every day! 

I am a legit business, with an EIN and resellers certificate... I’ve had to learn accounting, website building, marketing, sales, shipping and am now onto mastering social media marketing to expand my brand and name to outside of the Hudson valley... I do have some non-local customers but would love to see many many more from outside this state, I’d love to make this my new full time job (if the Lords will) rather than just a side job/hobby! 

I’m a super social and super busy mom of 4 girls, I love this business and meeting so many awesome ladies who start as customers and turn into friends! I’m married to my amazing husband now almost 9 years and also help him with his local lawn care business... (we have more trucks than kids haha)

Thanks for reading and joining me on me on this journey... to my faithful customers I APPRECIATE YOU!! 


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